Deliver 92% cleaner diesel to your engine

Increases Fuel Efficiency

Stops Breakdowns

Reduces Emissions

What is Fuelactive®?

The patented FuelActive® unit is a unique, innovative solution to the problem of fuel contamination in diesel engines. 

Its revolutionary pickup unit uses a floating pickup pipe that draws clean fuel from the top of the tank, thus avoiding the harmful contaminants that settle at the bottom.

Reduce Cost of Ownership

 Burning cleaner fuel reduces the cost of engine maintenance while ending fuel-related breakdowns and improving the overall performance of your diesel engines.

Reduce Maintenance

Burning cleaner fuel avoids blocked fuel filters and damaged fuel pumps, which reduce engine downtime and maintenance costs.

Reduce Component Replacements

Burning cleaner fuel increases the life expectancy of fuel injectors, fuel pumps and fuel filters.

Reduce harmful emissions

Burning cleaner fuel enables diesel engines to emit lower levels of carbon dioxide.

Reduce Fuel Consumption

Burning cleaner fuel improves fuel efficiency, which means you get more and better performance from every gallon.

End Fuel-related Breakdowns

Burning cleaner fuel preserves the engine’s fuel-injectors and prolongs the life expectancy of your diesel engines.

Fuel quality delivered by FuelActive (right side) vs. conventional fuel pick-up system (left side).

“FuelActive® is perhaps one of the industry’s best-kept secrets. The problems of fuel contamination are universal and FuelActive’s technology can help operators mitigate the costs, capture upside in capital efficiency and contribute to our right to clean air”

Nick Massey 

CEO, FuelActive